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83 Main Street, Sutter Creek, Califonia

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Thursday and Friday: 11am until 7pm
Saturday: 11am to 7pm
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About Us

We started our winery because we wanted to provide a different experience: different grapes, different winemaking styles, different blends and a different level of interaction with our customers. We seek out small lots of interesting grapes from vineyards in Amador County and surrounding areas. By interesting, we mean grape varietals that most people never heard of, let alone tasted. Of course, we make wines from more recognized varietals too. We just do them differently.

We're the first to admit that we're not for everyone. We are for the more adventurous wine lover who seeks out something new and novel. We're also for those who want to be involved in the wines they drink. We want to include our club members in the decision making process and allow them to help shape our wines of the future.

Our website is pretty minimal now, but we'll continue to add more content and features as we can. Thanks for visiting us online and we hope to see you soon in the tasting room!

Available Wines


2022 Harmony

A unique blend of a high-elevation Grenache Blanc and Muscat. We allowed the Grenache Blanc to have extended skin contact which gives it a honey and beeswax character. We added a bit of a dry Muscat to add jasmine and lychee floral notes.

New Release

Light Reds

2022 Gamay Noir

We made our 2022 Gamay in the 'claret' style with just a few days skin contact to showcase the balance of earthiness and fruitiness that is Gamay. The wine is complex, yet approachable and versatile.

2022 Grenache Noir

Contrasting our 2021 version, we opted to focus on a single, high-elevation vineyard to create our 2022 Grenache Noir. This version has firm front tannins that Grenache is known for, but finishes with cherry liqueur and herb.

New Release

2022 Temprano

Temprano is a rustic blend of old-school varietals from the Iberian peninsula. Whole cluster, manually crushed Tinta Amarela and Grenache are blended with a field blend of Tempranillo and Grenache to create a fresh, fruity wine with complex aromatics and vibrant tannins.

Robust Reds

2022 Conspiracy

Conspiracy is our annual 'uniquely us' robust red blend. For our 2022 blend, we used whole cluster and manually crushed Aglianico combined with a rich and spicy Zinfandel. The result is a full bodied, highly aromatic and very complex wine with ample tannins and black cherry notes.

New Release

2022 Cabernet Franc

This single vineyard expression of Cabernet Franc is dense and rich. Tasting it is like strolling through an evergreen forest with rich aromatics of cedar, berries and pine. Robust tannins allow this wine to stand up to heartier meals. We’ve been making Franc since 1995, and we feel this is the best we’ve ever done!

New Release

2022 The Beast

Big in tannin, body and color, Petite Sirah has a reputation as a bit of a Beast. It is the basis of this wine, but we added some Syrah and a touch of Zinfandel to add complexity and depth. They also help mellow the Petite a bit. There's a delicate balance of fruit and tannins that coexist peacefully in this age worthy wine.

New Release

2022 Tannat

Our 2022 Tannat is a totally different expression than the 2021, with great fruit intensity, softer tannins and balanced acidity. Tannats are know to be age worthy wines, but despite its youth, this wine is drinking well now. It has dark fruit and a rich, full body

New Release